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Web design is your company's corporate interface on the Internet. Web design is your identity in the interactive environment with its functionally easy to use, simple and easily accessible content.

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Logo & Card busines

How should the logo design be?

Before we talk about how the logo design should be, let's define the logo. We call a logo the original drawings that represent a specially designed brand within the vision and mission understanding of a brand or product of a company. Logo designs are the brand face of companies, so logo designs play an important role in the branding process.

How to Make a Quality Logo Design?

A logo should be designed in accordance with the company's mission and vision. The designed logo should be as simple and clear as possible so that the first thing that comes to mind is the brand when seen by customers. Because logo design is like the face of a company or a brand.

What Does Corporate Identity Design Cover? 

Corporate identity design is advertising and graphic design works that form the entire visual face of your company, such as logo, corporate slogan, business card, brochure, letterhead, catalog.

Corporate colors and font
1. Logo and slogan
2. Corporate identity booklet / guide
Business card
Tools such as letterhead, envelopes, cds, memo pads, files and folders
3. Accounting documents
4. All other promotional materials