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24 Nisan 2023, 00:21 0 Comment 371 Read

It is not the right approach to ignore the basic points that need to be considered while creating a website. Today, many users take the first wrong step by placing search engines in the first place while shaping their websites. Before we move on to the articles, we need to state that the audience you are targeting should be in the first place rather than the search engines, and the website design should be done accordingly. After this stage, it is very important to pay attention to the following 5 golden rules.

First image, first impression is important. Therefore, the design of your website should not be too complex. When the visitor enters the site, the menu location, ad positions and content should not be too complex. It should be presented in a more target-oriented manner, in which the right colors are chosen and what is meant to be conveyed in harmony with both the visuals and the content. Today's trend is simplicity and accessibility. Frankly, we are among those who think that this design perspective will continue for a long time.

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